Strides Against Stigma Virtual Event
Sunday, October 4, 2020

People at the NAMI Champaign Strides Against Stigma 2018 event
Organization takes strides for mental health awareness – Daily Illini, October 9, 2018

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This has been a tough year for all of us.
Now, more than ever, we need to know that someone cares. Not only are many of us working through the changes this fall has brought on, but add to that puzzle…unending negative thoughts, feelings of deep anxiety—a kaleidoscope of mental health concerns.

Perhaps we try to reach out with a quick call, only to be quickly turned off by the sound of the person’s voice—how they reacted to you when you said that you had a mental health concern.

That is STIGMA! – a strong feeling or look of disapproval or words that are negative or derogatory to someone because of something about that person and/or their situation.

NAMI Champaign is taking strong Strides against the STIGMA surrounding mental health.

Our mission is to provide education, support and advocacy, to improve the quality of life to all individuals living in our community who are affected by mental illness. Many of our members have either benefited themselves from our NAMI classes and resources or have a family member that we want to support.

That is why we are hosting this Virtual Event—-We want change. We want REAL CHANGE.

Our GOAL for these next few weeks is to raise awareness—raise change, to end the stigma that surrounds mental health and to raise the funds necessary to support our education, advocacy and program expansion throughout Champaign County.

What do I do? How does this work?

What does a “Virtual Event” mean? It means you CAN walk around your own place, block or nearby park OR because we are also focusing on our mental health during this time, we want you to do activities that keep you motivated, that give you more inner energy and mental strength.

  • First of all, thank you for being a part of our taking “Strides Against Stigma” Weeks! We need you to keep the Ripple effect going by sharing what you learn with someone else!
  • Cost to register for the Virtual Event=Free!
    Cost to be a part of making Strides against Mental Health Stigma = Priceless!
  • Purchase a shirt, a bag—even an insulated tumbler to show your passion for being a part of this unique year’s virtual event! Items can be found at #Strides Against Stigma-Champaign NAMI Virtual Walk Fundraiser 2020.

Join us!

Daily Activities

September 28-October 3 take a S-T-R-I-D-E each day towards better mental health! Whether you try all of the ideas each day or throughout the week, these are some ways to improve our mental health and physical health.
Puzzle pieces with STRIDE, S=Something you are grateful for, T=Time connecting with a good friend or relative, R=Reach out for help, I=I am important too, D=Do some Random Acts of Kindness, E=Exercise

Live Streaming Event

On Sunday, October 4 from 2-4pm join our NAMI Champaign Facebook page on Sunday, October 4 from 2-4pm for our Live Streaming Event!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Puzzle pieces with STIGMA, S=Social Issues, search for the facts; T=Talents, what talents do you have to help others?; I=I am ok. I can't control everything.; G=Growth, Am I growing in my knowledge of mental health?; M=Mental Toughness, Am I learning to be more resilient to issues I can't control?; A=Advocacy, Be an advocate.

Group photo Strides Against Stigma 2018